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02 September 2009 at 8:54 PTG
lepas sungkai, my SIL gi tau the DST broadband modem that we been using selama ni kena mintak balik by the owner which is my, as the item belong to him...tak per la.bagi jer la balik.No big deal.
So lepas gi bayar bills tadi..singgah jap kat Telecommunication office kat Pekan Tutong.
Enquiry bout their Broadband service..

"Masa ni kami jual line saja coz modem abis stock sudah"

then i ask the expected date of arrival for the new modem...

"Kami pun tak tau coz kami belum kena inform" cost me $30 for the registration and $100 deposit coz i'm Bruneian...
i'll just use my N95 as my modem laaa.The existing DST Broadband will be terminate later (after work)so kena la carik charger utk Sony Ericsson tu.kalau tak tak der tepon la aku...

So..after this, kalau nak online kat dlm kete pun boleh.Display jer kat TV tu..ehehehe..

My New Broadband Simkad and "Modem"
**Sila abaikan permadangan di screen laptop tersebut**


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